Excerpt from "Stranger In Her Bed"

Whatever you secretly desire in life has already imprinted itself on you. All you have to do is recognize its existence . . .

Kerry heard his voice as if he'd just whispered the words, but he couldn’t have. He was doing something much more thrilling and terrifying with his mouth than whispering. He was showing her what she secretly desired. It was the only part of him that touched her body, his hot, whispering mouth.

"Oh!" she cried as he rolled her nipple between his teeth. She felt the sharp edges against her aching flesh, and nearly swooned with pleasure. It was sweet relief. She was stretched so taut that even a nip would have felt good. Anything that released the pressure. How she wanted his hands on her! How she wanted to be touched and squeezed and fondled until she did swoon. She would fall into unconsciousness, aroused only by each nip, by each sharp, unbearably sweet thing he did to her.

It’s a dream . . . it has to be . . . I couldn’t do this if it weren’t.

She had fleeting thoughts of turning away from him, of trying to cover herself, but that was impossible . . . and this was perfect. In some way, it was perfect.

She was naked and wantonly displayed for her dream lover . . . the comforter had fallen away at his touch, as had her tank top, and she couldn’t remember how it had happened. She didn’t know when her breasts had come to be bared. How her whole body had come to this wild flashpoint of desire.

She had to turn away.

This was her last chance.

That thought took hold of her, but when she tried, he spun her back into his arms. Her head dropped back with a gasp and weakness flooded her. Shock burned her face and her jaw fell slack. What was happening? The more powerful he became, the weaker she got, and that made her utterly breathless.

"You can't win this game by bluffing, Kerry. You have to show your hand."

"I'm naked," she whispered. "Look at me. What more can I show you?"

"Yourself, show me that."

Show him that.

"The entire rainbow, Kerry . . . it’s all yours to feel."

"It's too much feeling."

"Breathe . . . let go of everything else . . . breathe and float . . . "

Her eyelids fluttered, and she became aware of her breathing. It was deep and regular. She was succumbing again, falling more deeply under his spell, and soon there would be no hope for her. Maybe there never had been. A sensation lived in the pit of her stomach. It was as crystal clear as a violin’s song. Her body was making music again. She could hear the clarion tones that rang from within, and they were even more compelling than his voice.

A moan slipped out. "Mmmmmmmm . . . "

He gripped her arms, and she was glad. If she made him crazy with her sounds, then yes, she was glad. She wanted power over him, any little bit of power she could get.

They were standing by the console, his legs braced wide and hers between them. He had brought her here to make love to her, female intuition told her that. He had laced his hands through her hair and searched for the secrets in her gaze and said her name. Said it with hunger. Passion burned off him like radiant energy—rough and tender passion—and it was all she could do to stay on her feet.

"A highwayman," he whispered near the lobe of her ear, "who sees a woman running through the fields in a transparent gown . . . "

Who rides her down on his horse and takes her against a tree.

Kerry’s toes curled into the carpet beneath her feet. The edge of the console dug into her back, but she was grateful it was there to steady her. She couldn't move against him, but he could move against her. And he did.

"A male slave so aroused by a woman he can’t hide it . . ."

His erection burned her belly, and she melted against it like candy in the heat. It was beautiful the way he wrapped her in his arms, protecting her nakedness and at the same time, whispering forbidden things in her ear. Terrible, terrible things and she wanted every one of them to happen to her.

"The handsome stranger next to you in line, who murmurs that he has been fantasizing about you in a dress with no panties underneath . . . "

A sound vibrated in his throat. It ran all through Kerry.

He startled her by holding her at arm’s length and looking down at her body, admiring her in the way that hungry males do succulent females. She had never thought of herself as edible, but his expression forced her to. His eyes were hot and his mouth was just slack enough to make her imagination run wild. Those moody lips and white, glistening teeth.

What those teeth could do. Had done. She felt another bolt of electricity at the thought. Such excruciating pleasure.