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Love or Money?
Why not Love & Money?
After all, Millionaires need love, too!

Or that’s what Torrey Benson counsels in her runaway bestseller, How to Marry a Millionaire. And Torrey should know. Twice married, once widowed, she’s engaged to marry her second millionaire. If she ever makes it through her whirlwind promotional tour, that is! Especially now that three “randomly selected” volunteers are about to put her methods to the test.

The first, Emilie Storrs, decides to hang out with—while serving cocktails to—the rich and famous.

“Rich man, Poor Man” by Judith Arnold

The second, Camille Brown, proposes a marriage of mutual convenience to her dashing new boss.

“Family Wealth” by Muriel Jensen

And the third is Christopher McGrath—
Torrey’s first husband.

“Once Upon A Husband” by Suzanne Forster