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Their lingerie is taking off

Velvet, Leather & Lace, a hot new lingerie catalogue company, is launching "stunt lingerie" -- wispy little nothings that can be removed piece by piece with the slightest tug. The global satellite fashion show is just a week away, and partners Jamie Baird, Samantha Wallace and Mia Tenario are coming apart as fast as their underwear. Samantha has put off her current lover so many times he's about to kidnap her. And what if the press discovers Jamie -- CFO and designer in the all-woman company -- is actually a man?

Ex-girlfriend Lorna Sutton offers to front for Jamie -- but not for payment ... for payback. Then set contractor Jake Holbrook decides to test Mia's claim she doesn't like sex -- the night before the show. At this rate, they all might get caught with their panties -- or boxers -- down. 

And the whole world will be watching.