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It's not always the one on top who has the power... 

Tess Wakefield has cooled on sex. Oh, she did the rebellious wild child thing in college, making it a point to break all the rules--especially the ones about sex--and all it got her was a string of loser boyfriends and a fear of rashes. Underwhelmed by her experiences, she’s happy to focus on her career and leave her vibrator in storage.

Now an advertising exec, Tess has been hired by one of Madison Avenue’s hottest agencies as co-creative director with wunderkind Danny Gabriel. Secretly, she’s been asked to rein in his maverick style, and Tess immediately suspects Danny when someone sabotages her new campaign. But everyone in the place seems to have a secret agenda. It’s a cutthroat business, and not everyone is willing to play nice with the new girl.

Including Danny. His early advances are a pleasant shock to Tess, but she never imagines for a second that she’d allow him to draw her into the dark heart of the most breathtakingly erotic S&M club in Manhattan--or that she’d be so willing to give up control and like it. 

TEASE (Spice, May 2006)


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