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Alison Fairmont Villard wakes in a hospital bed with a face she doesn’t recognize and a husband she doesn’t know.  Andrew Villard is a self-made millionaire with a bright future but a shadowy past.  When he tells Alison the details of their life together, she has no choice but to believe him—and to accept the shocking proposal he offers.

It isn’t just the partial amnesia that Alison is suffering.  She has her own secrets, terrifying secrets that can’t be entrusted to anyone, even Andrew.  The police suspect Andrew had something to do with Alison’s near fatal accident aboard his yacht and were ready to charge him with the crime before he found his wife’s body, battered on the razor-sharp coral reefs.

When the veil of amnesia lifts, it’s too late.  Alison is caught in a web of her own making.  She can’t escape.  And now, an FBI agent with a personal vendetta is about to blow the lid off her deadly marriage of convenience.

THE ARRANGEMENT (Mira, May 2007)

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