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Reality can be even better than fantasy in New York Times bestselling author Vicki Lewis Thompson’s scorching tale… Lindsay Scott can’t help but overhear Hunter Jordan’s nightly activities through her thin apartment walls. But she finally decides to do something about her crush when she discovers a naughty book full of ideas guaranteed to make Hunter her sex slave….

New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Forster proves that with sexual revenge, everybody wins… Writer Melissa Sanders has spent the past two years trying to forget that she drunkenly married a one-night stand while on vacation in Mexico. Though she hasn’t seen Tony since that night, she’s based her bestselling book on sex tricks with her "husband." But when Tony suddenly shows up on her PR tour, it’s clear the honeymoon is far from over….

Steamy, sexy, satisfying. Bestselling author Alison Kent explores that sweetest of taboos: the bad boy… Erin Fletcher sees no reason she can’t hook up with the wrong kind of guy until Mr. Right comes along. So what if her mysterious neighbor is a recluse, maybe even a bit dangerous? He’s consumed her thoughts for so long, it’s time to see what Sebastian Gallo is like for real….

September 2005!